Amazing animals

Amazing Animals

Having light-sensing cells all over their body may well explain how these creatures match their environment so perfectly. Ocean sunfish Ocean sunfish, or molas, look like the invention of a mad scientist.

If they can see everything all around them, then they can easily match patterns and colors. It does this by stripping the tools that the algae uses, the green photosynthetic organelles called chloroplasts, and storing them in its skin cells.

With less connective tissue than normal skin, it comes apart pretty easy.

10 Animals With Amazing Super Skin

His favorite food is pizza. The moloch eats only ants and has a number of interesting adaptations and strategies that help it to survive in such a hostile environment.

The name refers to the unique joints of the spinal cords of members of the group.

Amazing animals from around the world

Found with littermates in woods near Atlanta. He is a small green gecko with purple spots and yellow eyes. That means it has more skin than an animal of similar weight.

It steals from algae so that it can become solar-powered. If it gets nabbed, its skin will just peel right off. It feeds on small insects and plankton. A croc mother can gently break open the egg of one of her hatching babies and then carry him into the water, all with her sensitive mouth.

Xenops are found in Mexico and South America.


They are small brown birds that hop up and down tree trunks foraging for insects. They aren't albino but instead grow white fur due to a generic mutation. Their feathers are highly protective against cold and also against water.

Seen here is a Paper nautilus. Anteater Facts Xenops The xenops are a group of birds in the ovenbird family, Furnariidae. And science has no idea how they do this. They can weigh up to 5, pounds. These ants seem to be in the mood for dancing after being photographed practicing their ballet poses.

They are commonly called African ground squirrels. This mid-sized hummingbird in only found in Baja California, a state in the north-west of Mexico. A year-old tortoise could be the United Kingdom's oldest pet, after living through two world wars and being passed down through three generations of the same family.

Somehow the chameleon knows how its predators see. Plot[ edit ] Each episode is made up of sections in which Henry is featured, video sequences of animals narrated by the off-screen narrator with replies by Henry, and cartoons featuring recurring unnamed cartoon animals.

Animals That Start With X: List With Pictures & Facts

Some scientists believe that sea urchins can even perceive images from the light-sensing opsin covering their body, even though they are more or less brainless.

According to Balthazard, 49, the birds turn their heads up to degrees in a display of surprise and curiosity when humans approach. A herd full of black and white stripes makes it more difficult to distinguish one animal from the next.

You can find out more about sloths here:. List of Animals Beginning With X X-Ray Tetra. Scientific Name: Pristella maxillaris Conservation Status: Unassessed The X-ray tetra is a small freshwater is found in South America, in the Amazon and Orinoco river systems.

The species can also tolerate brackish water (i.e. water that is partly salty). The Mary River turtle, a native of Queensland, Australia, is pictured in this handout photo released by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) on April 12, Get facts and pictures of your favorite animals.

Amazing animals from around the world

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Read along with all your animal friends and learn about their. Amazing Animals. Calling all animal lovers!

Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals turns the spotlight on the most fur-nomenal creatures, peculiar pets, cute critters and wacky turnonepoundintoonemillion.comer surfing pigs, heroic hounds and a bodacious bunny who plays basketball!

Amazing animals
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